2015-2016 Columbia Cup Final Results

As the school year wraps up, the Columbia University Quiz Bowl team would like to thank you for attending the Columbia Cup tournaments this year. We started the Columbia Cup this year to help increase participation in quiz bowl in the New York Metro area and beyond, and we are glad that you helped make its inaugural year a success.

Over the summer, the team will be deciding on the dates for our high school quiz bowl tournaments in the 2016-2017 year, and will hopefully be able to send out a list of dates by mid-August. If you will no longer be involved with quiz bowl at your high school in the upcoming year, please let me know the name and email of the new coach so that we can keep our mailing lists current.

We’re open to any feedback that you may have regarding any aspect of our tournaments this year, including the dates, format, questions, or awards. Additionally, we welcome suggestions for new initiatives for the next year – for example, we’re considering separating our tournaments next year into an upper “nationals” and lower “regular” division, and would like your input on that.

Results for the Columbia Fall TournamentColumbia Winter TournamentNY State Championship, and NJ State championship are available. Below are the results for this year’s Columbia Cup standings:

New York Division
1. Great Neck South High School
2. Hunter College High School
3. The Wheatley School

New Jersey Division
1. East Brunswick High School
2. Livingston High School
3. Bergen County Academies

If you are one of the above schools and have not received your Columbia Cup trophy yet, please contact me so that we get can it to you as soon as possible.
Thank you so much for contributing to a successful year of competition at Columbia University, and we look forward to seeing your teams at our tournaments next year!

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