2016 Columbia Fall Tournament Results

The Columbia University Quiz Bowl team would like to thank all the players, coaches, parents, and staff who made the 2016 Columbia Fall Tournament possible. At 42 total teams, this was the largest tournament ever hosted in New York City, and we hope to run even better tournaments this year in the winter and spring on December 3rd and March 4th, respectively.

All team and individual statistics are available at this page on the Quizbowl Resource Database.

If any of the teams and/or players listed below were not available to collect their awards at the tournament, please email quizbowl@columbia.edu and we will get them to you as quickly as we can.

National Division

In the National division,  Hunter A placed 1st and High Tech placed 2nd after the finals, and Lehigh Valley Academy claimed the 3rd place trophy. They, and all of the following teams in the National division, qualified for the 2017 National Scholastic Championship:

Middlesex County Academy
Mountain Lakes
“Mather High”
St. Joe’s A
“West Egg A”

In addition, the following players in the National division received individual awards for their performance in the preliminary rounds:

  1. Alex Schmidt, Lehigh Valley
  2. Ron Mucci, Mountain Lakes
  3. Jonathan Ackerman, Livingston
  4. Luke Tierney, Hunter A
  5. Henry Schaeffer, St. Joe’s A
  6. Anthony Wang, Middlesex County Academy
  7. Evan Katsounis, Kellenberg A
  8. Julia Tong, “Mather High”
  9. Kenne He, Kings Park
  10. Samuel Kao, High Tech A

Standard Division

In the Standard division, High Tech, Trinity A, and Great Neck North received the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies, respectively, after a three-way tie in the crossover game results was broken.

In addition, the following players in the Standard division received individual awards for their performance in the preliminary rounds:

  1. Sophie Allen, Long Beach
  2. Darren Petrossino, High Tech
  3. John Ferrante, Bergen County Academies
  4. Jake Fisher, Trinity A
  5. David Liu, Great Neck North
  6. Tiffany Yu, Livingston A
  7. Cerulean Ozarow, Hunter
  8. Antonio Jimenez, Cardinal Spellman
  9. Dustin Qian, Briarcliff B
  10. Dylan Rhee, Trinity C

Congratulations to all of these players and teams, and to everyone who attended and made this tournament a success. We look forward to seeing you and your teams at our winter tournament on December 3rd!

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