Fees, discounts, and payment

Entry fees

Entry fees are used to pay for the questions used at tournaments, reimburse tournament staff, and purchase awards and prizes for the top teams and individual scorers.

The fees for the 2017-2018 school year have been determined, and are displayed on the table below. If you would like additional financial assistance beyond the discounts we offer, let us know when registering.

“New schools” are defined as schools in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut which have not attended a quiz bowl tournament at Columbia University before the 2017-2018 school year. They are eligible for a special discounted fee, as shown below.

Cost per team Cost per team, for new schools
For one tournament $70 $45
For all three Columbia Cup tournaments (must register by 10/02/2016) $180 ($60/tournament!) $100 ($33.33 per tournament!)


We provide the following discounts to schools attending our tournaments:

Buzzers: Schools get a $5 discount off their entry fee for every lockout buzzer system they bring to a tournament. If you have teams registered for all 3 tournaments in the Columbia Cup series, we will apply that discount across all 3 tournaments (so you get $15 off your fee per buzzer). Buzzer systems must be able to accommodate 8 players to be eligible for the discount.

Staff: Schools get a $10 discount for every volunteer staffer they bring to a tournament. If you have teams registered for all 3 tournaments in the Columbia Cup series, we will apply that discount across all 3 tournaments (so you get $30 off your fee per staffer).

Staffers may be asked to read or keep score, or may be free to watch games if we are fully staffed (you will still get the discount, even if your staffer is not needed). All volunteer staff will receive a free lunch courtesy of Columbia University Quiz Bowl.

Regional Quiz Bowl: Regional Quiz Bowl participants receive an additional $10 off per team, per tournament. For example, a RQB participant who has never attended a quiz bowl tournament at Columbia before would pay $35 per team they register for the fall tournament, or $70 per team they register for all 3 tournaments (assuming no discounts; otherwise the fee could be even lower!).


After registering, we will issue you an invoice for the entry fee. All entry fees must be paid either in advance or during morning check-in. If you are registering teams for all tournaments in the Columbia Cup series, the entire registration fee must be received by the morning of the Columbia Fall Tournament. If the upfront cost for registering for the Columbia Cup is a burden for your team, please let us know and we can offer financial assistance, or arrange an alternate payment plan.

Payment can be submitted by mailing a check ahead of time, or submitting a check or cash during check-in the morning of the tournament. If you are paying by check, please make it payable to “Columbia University,” with “Quiz Bowl” on the memo line. If you are mailing a check in advance, we recommend that it be sent no later than two weeks before the tournament, and the check should be mailed to:

Kohtaro Yamakawa
70 Morningside Drive
New York, NY 10027

We are working on adding additional payment methods, such as Square and PayPal, and will hopefully have an update soon.

If you have any questions about our fees, discounts or payment methods, feel free to contact us.