The Columbia Cup initiative was founded by Columbia University’s quiz bowl team in 2015 to address the lack of good quiz bowl and academic competition opportunities for high schools in the NY/NJ region. By hosting an annual fall tournament, annual winter tournament, and an annual spring tournament, we hope to create a series of competitions that can serve as the backbone of a school’s annual tournament¬†schedule, and provide an opportunity for high school students in the region to travel to compete at one of New York’s most prestigious universities. In addition, every year, we award prizes at the end of the Columbia Cup series to schools that not only do well, but also have large, healthy clubs at their schools. It is our hope that the Columbia Cup tournament series will not only expand the opportunities for good quiz bowl competition in New York, but also incentivize teams to improve and learn more about the world. If you have any questions about our mission statement, feel free to contact us.