Reporting Misconduct

The Columbia Quiz Bowl team strives to create a safe and welcoming environment where everyone can comfortably play Quiz Bowl. Should you or one of your players ever feel uncomfortable, or feel that misconduct of any form (i.e. inappropriate behavior by staffers, players, coaches, etc. has taken place) the Tournament Director will always be available to talk to you and address the situation. The following resources are also available to report misconduct.
The anonymous feedback form: The Tournament Director will always be available if you have any concerns on the day of the tournament. However, the anonymous feedback form is also available if you would like to report misconduct. There is an optional field for you to leave your name, team affiliation, and contact information in case you’d like me to follow up with you; if you leave contact information the Tournament Director will follow up as soon as she can. We will be constantly monitoring the form throughout the tournament. The form can be found here.
The PACE, NAQT, ACF, and IAC Misconduct Form: If misconduct occurs at the tournament and you would like to report it to Quiz Bowl organizations, you can fill out the Misconduct Form. More information can be found on the form itself here. Please note that this form is not anonymous, though there is an option for your identifying information to remain confidential.